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5 stars 5
Very positive experience today in this office. Look forward to my next visit.
5 stars 5
I had a 6-month check-up today and I just love this dental office. LOVE IT! The office, the people, the organizational system, etc. E. has cleaned my teeth the two times I have been there and she is FABULOUS!! Front office staff: "Want to do your paperwork on an iPad?" "Yes please!" The hygienist scheduled my next 6-month appt. right there in the room after my checkup- awesome. The appt. cards that are also stickers to put on a calendar - so clever. There are just so many things at the office that make me happy. Dr. Reilly always sits down to check in with the patient first. I know that he is busy but he isn't making me feel like he is rushing. Kudos to the whole staff. I'm super impressed and so happy that we landed at Three Rivers Dental. We have loved Dr. Ramos for over 37 years and we are so happy that he is finishing out his dental career with Three Rivers Dental.
5 stars 5
Last week I had my first visit at Three Rivers Dental. Trying a new practice after having been with my previous dentist until his retirement, I was a bit nervous. My experience for my first cleaning was awesome. Sara was friendly, informative, gentle and all in all did a great job. My brief meeting with Dr. Reilly was also very positive. I did not feel rushed and genuinely look forward to continuing with this practice. Thanks Three Rivers!
5 stars 5
This is a very thorough, professional and efficient dental practice that seems truly committed to patients' well-being and best interests. No "push" or sales pitch for unnecessary work! Staff is very amiable and upbeat, as well as experienced and informative. The practice seems to have the best of dental equipment and technology -- which may add a bit to cost for those without dental insurance, particularly for an initial new-patient exam. But the services are very comprehensive and expertly delivered, with great support for both adults and children. Dr. Reilly and his team offer competent and compassionate dental care. Excellent all around - a breath of fresh air in dental practices. You won't be disappointed!
5 stars 5
Excellent dental experience. Thoroughconservativegentle!

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