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Cosmetic dentistry involves esthetic changes as well as functional changes to teeth within the “esthetic zone,” or what others see when we smile. We care more about the benefit of your appearance but also your increased confidence when smiling, reflecting happiness, health, and wellness. We fix smiles for different reasons that are important to you. Aside from a winning smile, restoring your smile cosmetically can lead to increased confidence.

Many times we can restore your smile with veneers, which are more conservative than crowns yet provide the same beautiful esthetics.

Unlike a crown, which covers the entire tooth, a veneer is a thin shell that is placed over the front or visible parts of the tooth. There are two types of veneers, ceramic veneers that are produced by a dental laboratory and resin-based composite veneers. With proper care, your new veneers will greatly improve your appearance and increase your confidence for years to come.  This solution enables us to change the color, shape and translucency of your smile by conservatively removing a minimal amount of tooth structure.

Patient Story #1

This 78 year old patient did not like her dark smile and crooked teeth. During her consultation with Dr. Reilly, she stated that she was too old for braces or aligners and that she wanted her new smile as soon as possible. Dr. Reilly suggested a combination of cosmetic and implant dentistry to reach her esthetic goals.

Dr. Reilly restored her front 6 teeth with esthetic E.max crowns to straighten and brighten her smile. He also fabricated in office 3D milled implant crowns for her 2 missing back teeth to improve her chewing ability and take some of the biting pressure off of her new front teeth.

Row of Before and After Cosmetic Dentistry photos

Patient Story #2

45 year old patient’s chief complaint was his small smile and worn broken teeth. During his consultation with Dr. Reilly, he stated that he has a “big happy personality” and that he wanted his smile to match. He especially did not like the spacing in his front teeth as well as the color, shape, and size of his teeth.

After completing an esthetic waxup, to show the patient what his new smile will look like, Dr. Reilly restored all of his upper teeth with Zirconia crowns to close the spaces in his smile and restore his teeth to their proper form, function, esthetics.

Smiling man before and after cosmetic dental surgery
Cosmetic Dentistry before and after

The patient was so happy with his new smile we were given permission by the patient to show off his full profile before and after.

Patient Story #3

This 50 year male stated that he does not like the chipped anterior and missing posterior teeth in his smile. Upon examination, Dr. Reilly determined that his teeth were severely eroded and thin due to uncontrolled acid erosion from emesis and acid reflux. After confirming that the patient and his PCP were able to get the acid erosion under control with medication, Dr. Reilly restored the patient’s upper teeth with implants and e.max crowns to match the patient’s natural smile, form, and function.

50 year old smile before
50 year old smile after

Patient Story #4

68 year old patient’s chief complaint was his missing and broken teeth. The initial examination revealed that “bruxism” or grinding while sleeping was the underlying cause for most of his dental problems.  Dr. Reilly suggested the patient wear a night guard to prevent further damage and to protect the investment in his new smile. Several implants were placed to restore the missing teeth and a combination of zirconia and e.max crowns were used on his upper teeth to counter his strong bite and allow for the best esthetics. The after picture shows the bottom teeth with temporary crowns as the patient decided to phase the treatment and wait on completing bottom teeth at a later date. 

68 year old smile before
68 year old smile after


A 75 year old patient presented with the chief complaint of “I do not like the crack in my front tooth and the dark stains bother me when I smile. Is there anything that can be done cost effectively to brighten my smile?

While one option in this case would have been to complete a crown, to save on cost Dr. Reilly recommended bonding the tooth to remove the fracture and stain.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A stay at home mom presented from another office stating that she was “Very unhappy with the aesthetics of her front tooth crown.” She has had this crown for several years and did not think anything could be done to improve the natural look of the crown.

Dr. Reilly recommended an all porcelain crown to improve her smile by blending the crown color and shape with her natural teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before Smile
Cosmetic Dentistry After Smile

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